Subject line: The Technion and COVID-19

Dear [Name],

I hope you are taking extra care to stay safe and healthy during these difficult times. [Customize this intro based on your relationship with the recipient]

You might know that I’ve been a longtime supporter of the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology. I admire their innovation, their grit, and their dedication to using research as a way of doing good in the world.

This moment perfectly showcases that. Right now at the Technion, at least twenty research teams have shelved their projects to tackle the COVID-19 crisis:[Customize this to the prospective donor’s interests and refer to news page]

  • Prof. Roy Kishony of the Faculty of Biology is developing a “pooling” method that can run multiple COVID-19 tests at once, which would dramatically speed up the number of tests that can be processed.
  • Prof. Avi Schroeder of the Wolfson Faculty of Chemical Engineering is developing a vaccine for coronavirus based on a vaccine for shrimp he invented at Technion.
  • Prof. Alex Bronstein of the Faculty of Computer Science is developing an ultrasound for lung imaging that would identify infections in the lungs caused by the coronavirus.

And that’s just a slice of what’s going on! Every day brings news of new projects, breakthroughs, and developments from the Technion.

The Technion is trying to raise emergency funds quickly to support these researchers on the front lines. Typically, it would take a few months to raise the money a researcher needs for her project. But obviously right now, we don’t have months — it’s important we get this research started right away.

I just made a gift to the Technion COVID-19 Emergency Research Fund, and I hope you’ll join me. Every dollar you give goes straight to researchers working diligently to halt COVID-19.

Be well,
[Your Name]


Subject line: Nurturing the next generation of scholars and innovators

This moment perfectly showcases that. Even in this moment where we’re encouraged to stay isolated, Technion students are offering to help fellow students in need. They’re volunteering to drop off groceries to elderly and vulnerable neighbors. It’s truly something else!

But the need on Technion’s campus right now is staggering. Many Technion students come from families that are unable to help them financially even in normal circumstances. Students have lost needed income as workplaces shut down.

The sudden, dramatic uptick in requests for help have strained Technion resources. I want to make sure every student has what she needs to weather this crisis, so I just made a gift to the COVID-19 Virus Emergency Fund to Support Technion Students to ensure Technion students can continue their studies in these trying times.

I hope you’ll join me with a gift of your own. Every dollar you give goes straight to students in need.

Thank you so much for anything you can offer right now. I truly appreciate it.

Be well,
[Your Name]

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