Please find tools we hope to help you in your fundraising efforts for Technion’s COVID-19 Emergency Funds.


Landing Page – This is a public facing page where you can direct people to learn more and get general information. We also included some news and updates, as well a link to the Technion Live Webinar Series.

News and Updates – The page includes a list of COVID-19 press, videos, and updates from the Technion. This is a public-facing page. However, we suggest you use this page as a resource to share to content you feel is most compelling to your friends and family.

Technion YouTube COVID-19 Channel – The Technion is creating dozens of videos about their response to COVID-19. Use this page as another resource to choose content that you want to share.

Live from Technion Webinars – Upcoming webinars, as well as recordings of previous webinars can be found on this page.