Technion USA 2022

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Summer 2022
Feature Story

Models of Determination

he Technion has been a magnet for trailblazing women in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields since it first opened its doors in 1924. That inaugural class of just 17 students included one woman, who came to the Technion to study architecture and civil engineering at a time when women were discouraged from pursuing higher education.

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IMPACT / Sustainability
Creating a Sustainable Future

The Technion’s soon to be established Center for Sustainable Processes and Catalysis aims to discover novel, green catalysts from naturally abundant elements so that industrial processes will require less energy and become more sustainable.

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Josue Sznitman with model lung

IMPACT / Human Health
Promising Breakthroughs

Technion faculty have facilitated robust cross-disciplinary research and consistently seeded and executed bold new breakthroughs that have pushed the boundaries of medicine. Take a look at four exciting discoveries from the Technion.

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Illustration of algorithm, medicine, architecture, and clothing
IMPACT / High-Tech Future

Pushing the Boundaries of Computer Science

Have you filled a prescription for antibiotics recently? Used a virtual fitting room to try on clothes at home? Admired a new building going up in your community? You have computer science to thank — yes, even for that virtual fitting room! .

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Uri Sivan

Inside a Changing Technion

lmost 100 years ago, 17 students began studying at the Technikum, a new university on the slopes of Mount Carmel. The first courses at what we now know as the Technion marked a defining moment for the Jewish settlement in Palestine — The Technikum was Palestine’s first academic institution and the Middle East’s first technological-scientific university.

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Startup themed illustration
IMPACT / Visionary Education

A “Runway” to a Better World

Celebrating its 10th anniversary, the Joan and Irwin Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute at Cornell Tech on Roosevelt Island has become part of New York City’s higher education landscape. Through its Runway Startup Postdoc Program, it has also injected entrepreneurial energy into the city.

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Innovations Spread

Technion Innovations

Learn more about innovations coming out of the Technion, including an smart "Band-Aids", 3-D printed ears and kidneys, electricity from the sea, and more.

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Guy Merin

SPOTLIGHT / Technion Alumni
From Sci-Fi to Surface Duo

The 1983 Cold War science fiction techno-thriller WarGames was a box-office hit that garnered three Academy Award nominations. The film about a young hacker who unwittingly accesses a Pentagon supercomputer also made its mark on then 12-year-old Guy Merin.

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The Wertheimers
Giving Is a Multigenerational Family Affair

The late Naomi Wertheimer would remember playing hopscotch and jump rope in the schoolyard as a young girl, standard rites of passage in the 1950s. But she would also remember that a friend could only watch from the sidelines because she had a wooden leg.

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space image

High-Tech Future
The Final Frontier

Astrophysicist Prof. Ehud Behar is intent on unearthing the mysteries of extragalactic events. Stellar explosions. The merging of neutron stars. Black holes. Outer space hosts jaw-dropping phenomena. But too often, we’re late to the viewing party.

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Yoram Benbarak

Yoram Benbarak: Engineer, Entrepreneur, and Changemaker

Planned giving donor and alum gives back to the University that helped shape his career. Yoram Benbarak B.S. ’71, M.S.’73 was an undergraduate student when computer technology was going through a revolution that helped catapult Israel into its famed status as Startup Nation.

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