In just five short years, his groundbreaking gift has catalyzed impressive new research projects, attracted internationally acclaimed faculty and accomplished students, and much more.

Science and innovation moves fast. Thanks to Prof. Viterbi’s generous investment, the Technion can stay five steps ahead, generating the advances that the State of Israel — and our world — depend upon.


Distinguished Visiting Professor Andrew Viterbi’s generous donation of $50 million to the Technion Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering not only enhanced the Technion’s position as an electrical engineering powerhouse — but it also secured Israel’s place as a global leader in engineering innovation.


In 2016, then M.S. students Maya Barkon and Ester Hait-Fraenkel ’14, M.Sc. ’16, and Mor Shpigel Nacson ’16, M.S. ’19, won the Intel Award.


Prof. Viterbi’s gift has also enabled the Technion to build and expand needed laboratories and facilities — to stay on the leading edge of innovation. In Assistant Professor Ido Kaminer’s Laboratory for Nanoscopic Electrodynamics (updated in the 2017–18 academic year), researchers have made a dramatic breakthrough in the field of quantum science: a quantum microscope that records the flow of light, enabling the direct observation of light trapped inside a photonic crystal. This breakthrough has numerous potential applications, including the design of new quantum materials for storing quantum bits with greater stability, and improving the sharpness of colors on the screens of electronic devices.


In 2019, Tamar Rott Shaham ’15, Ph.D. ’20, earned the Google Women Techmakers scholarship for her excellent academic performance, leadership, and impact on the community of women in tech.


DeepSTORM3D, a microscope invented by Associate Professor Tomer Michaeli in 2020, is able to map images with a resolution 10 times that achievable through standard optical microscopy — transforming the field of biology.


Distinguished Professor Emeritus Jacob Ziv received one of science’s most prestigious awards: the 2021 International Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Medal of Honor. He is the first Israeli to have won this honor.

Pictured Top / Distinguished Professor Emeritus Jacob Ziv (l) with Distinguished Visiting Professor Andrew Viterbi (center)

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