MyFavorEats, an innovative platform designed by Technion alumna Orly Rapaport, will find, sort, and personalize recipes to meet your dietary restrictions. “I’m a home cook as well as a software engineer,” Rapaport explains. “I recognized the need for a tool that would help tweak recipes to individual dietary needs and tastes.”

The experienced tech exec says her artificial-intelligence solution combines a chef’s savvy, nutritionist’s knowledge, and personal shopper’s determination to find just the right ingredients to fit your taste preferences and health conditions, such as pregnancy, diabetes, or high blood pressure.

MyFavorEats is able to process your special needs to come up with a recipe that works for you. “People don’t fit into neat categories,“ Rapaport says. “With an estimated 200 million recipes already online, it’s time for a way we can match them to our personalized needs.”

MyFavorEats was developed at the Technion DRIVE Accelerator, a program to help fledgling startups get off the ground.